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Utilizing Chat Functionality to Connect Contractors with Customers


Utilizing Chat Functionality to Connect Contractors with Customers

During the last twelve years, it has been painful to watch how slowly contractors adopt technology to help them grow their businesses. While the trend is slowly getting better, there are a few items that are no-brainers that will help you increase productivity and overall customer experience. In this blog we’ll be discussing all the reasons why a live chat function on your website is essential to your business.

Your Customers Are Used to Messaging:

Texting is such an every day part of life that my five year old niece texts me from her (dad’s) ipad. My dad, who is now close to 75, also sends me texts regularly. People text with their doctors offices, hair stylists, and it is a uniformly accepted method of genuine communication across the globe. By integrating it into your website with a live-chatting functionality, you are increasing the channels by which your customers can comfortably contact you.

Our Partnership with JivoChat:

We recently partnered with jivochat to provide their free version to our contractor clients. With mobile apps available, jivochat provides a platform that can easily be integrated into your website, and can inexpensively be upgraded to include their premium features that really open up the possibilities. Metrics regarding current visitors and the ability to recall past chats are just a few of the functions currently available.


How does it work?

You sign up for a free account and we place a plugin with your website. Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, or loaded the dashboard on your browser, your website visitors will see when you are available to answer their questions, and if you are away they can leave a message. A small popup in the corner of your website will alert them to the fact that you are available to talk to them, and allow them to initiate contact. Once they have done so, you will receive an alert on your phone, tablet or browser window that someone has a question.

How to use it:

When you are available to chat, simply set your availability and wait for a customer to initiate a chat with you. You will receive a notification on the device you are using (computer, smartphone, tablet) and your chat session will begin. While chatting with your customers in real-time, use this opportunity to schedule appointments, or provide answers to their questions. Be sure to ask them for specifics on what services they feel they need, the address, a contact phone number, etc. When the chat is over, all of this will be logged, so no need to write it all down immediately. When you need the information, simply pull up the chat log and refer back to what they typed.

If You Have Office Staff:

Have someone sitting at their computer, working in the office? Why not make them the first point of contact for live chatting? All they have to do is leave a chat browser open throughout the day and listen for alert chimes indicating that a chat has been initiated by a customer. They can also simultaneously receive alerts on their other devices to lessen the chance of missing anything. Even if they are on the phone with another client, multitasking is possible so that you don’t lose a valuable project.

How to get it:

We are including the free version of jivochat with every new website we build, but if you have been with us for a while, sign up for free using the link below, and let us know you would like it added to your current website. Don’t forget to download the appropriate app for your smartphone or tablet to complete the package. We know you will love having the option of chatting with your customers, and we’re here to make it easier to do so.

Click Here to Sign Up For the Free Version


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