Website Hosting & Ongoing Maintenance

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Never Had A Great Experience With
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Two Years of WorxCare™ - Free With Every New Website

We'll handle all of your website's technical details while you tend to your business.

We include two free years of WorxCare™ with every new website we build. WorxCare™ takes the burden of website maintenance off your to-do list. We'll handle your hosting, maintenance, security updates, backups, and more. Have a new blog post, article or images you wish to add to your site? Simply send them along and we'll add them for you at no additional charge.

Contractor Website Maintenance

Personalized Service From One Point of Contact.

We are a small, capable agency, and we know every client by name.


WorxVault™ Hosting Included

You are in business, so business-class hosting is essential.

Included with your free two year WorxCare™ plan, your new website will be hosted on WorxVault™ Servers. These are state of the art SSD drive servers, optimized for WordPress websites. With server farms located across the United States, your new website will be hosted in a location near you to provide faster data transfer each time a potential customer lands on your site.
We'll handle everything, so you don't have to worry about anything.

We Maintain Your Website For Security & Speed

We update your site's software, components and plugins every week to ensure they are secure.

Keeping your website tuned up weekly means that you can count on it being there when your customers stop by. The longer the gaps between maintenance, the more vulnerable your website be to hacking attempts and security issues. A cache buildup of old files will slow your site to a crawl, and slow websites don't keep customers around long.


We Make Changes For You

Does the information on your site need to be updated? Send it along and we'll do it for you.

Have changes you want to make? No problem. Each of our website design packages include time each month for you to request changes, and we'll take care of them for you at no additional charge. Contractors just like you are taking advantage of this option regularly to ensure that their website is up to date, and you don't have to spend dozens of hours trying to learn how to do it yourself.

We Monitor Your Website 24/7

We're constantly on the lookout for outages, hacking attempts, and attacks that slow your site.

Your website is constantly monitored to ensure that in 99% of cases, if there is a problem, we'll know about it immediately. That gets us to work quickly to reduce downtime and keep your website selling for you around the clock. While staying on top of your maintenance will take care of most issues before they happen, rest assured that your site is being watched, just in case.

Daily Off-Site Backups

We update your site's software, components and plugins every week to ensure they are secure.

In the unlikely event of an issue with your contractor website, we maintain off-site backups so that we can roll your site back to a previous state very quickly. This ensures that we have a rock-solid plan in the case of emergency outage or hack. Maintaining multiple backups means that we can revert your site back past any issue that may have been included in the most recent backup.

Plugin Licenses Included


WordPress websites, like those we build, rely on third-party plugins that are used to enhance the site's abilities, and extend the functionality that contractors require. We hold developer licenses that cover your annual license fees for our included plugins so that you don't have to pay these for as long as we are managing your site. The plugin license coverage currently saves you over $800 per year.


Hacking Recovery Included

It's Rare, But If It Happens, We'll Be Prepared.

What do you do if your contractor website is infected by a hacker? With WorxCare™ we'll remove the hack, then investigate how they got in, and develop a plan to prevent it in the future. We stay tuned in to thousands of service bulletins about hacks, how they work, and how to stay ahead of them. It's very rare, but it can happen. You need us to get you back up and running quickly.

WorxCare™ Includes:

Fully Managed Website

We handle everything so you don't have to. 

SEO & Mobile Friendly

All sites are fully responsive for mobile traffic and tablets. 

Automated Reviews

Add your good reviews to your own website automatically.

Free Live Chat

Chat live with potential customers to increase sales.

Weekly Security Updates

Never worry about the security of your website again. 

Weekly Plugin & Component Updates

We update all of your plugins and components every week.

Daily Off-Site Full Backups

In the unlikely event of a hack, we have it covered. 

Daily Scans & Hack Recovery

Don't give it another thought. We've got this. 


Can I Continue WorxCare™ After My Two Free Years?

Yes, and you will save money every month. After your 24 month contract has been fulfilled, you may elect to continue with WorxCare™ maintenance by subscribing to one of the lower-priced options below.

WorxCare™ Pricing

WorxCare™ plans are included at no charge with each website build package we offer, for the duration of your 24 month contract. Once your contract term is complete, choose one of the options below to continue the great maintenance services you have already been using.

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Continue WorxCare™ At A Lower Rate
After Your Contract

Pay Annually and Get Two Months Free

Weekly Maintenance For Your Website is Important. Here's Why:

Contractors should consider investing in website maintenance for their WordPress websites for several compelling reasons. Firstly, regular maintenance ensures that your website remains functional and optimized for optimal performance. By utilizing ContractorWorx Care Plans, contractors can ensure that their website's plugins, themes, and core files are regularly updated. These updates are crucial for improving security, fixing bugs, and enhancing the website's overall functionality. Regular maintenance also helps in preventing potential compatibility issues between different components of the website, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Secondly, website maintenance plays a pivotal role in enhancing website security. With the increasing number of cyber threats and hacking attempts, it is crucial for contractors to safeguard their website and user data. ContractorWorx Care Plans monitor and strengthen your website's security features, such as implementing SSL certificates, conducting security scans, and applying security patches. By staying up to date with the latest security measures, contractors can minimize the risk of security breaches and protect their reputation.

Lastly, investing in website maintenance saves contractors valuable time and effort. As contractors focus on their core business activities, they may not have the necessary expertise or time to handle website updates and maintenance tasks effectively. By outsourcing these responsibilities to professionals, contractors can free up their resources and concentrate on what they do best. ContractorWorx experts have the knowledge and experience to handle routine tasks efficiently, ensuring that the website remains up-to-date, secure, and functioning optimally.

In conclusion, contractors across the United States use ContractorWorx Care Plans to ensure ongoing functionality, enhance security, and save valuable time and resources. By investing in regular maintenance, contractors can keep their websites updated, secure, and user-friendly, ultimately improving their online presence and the longevity of their investment.

Save Time and Money

A properly maintained website takes time and effort. Yes, it is cheaper to buy a website and let it sit, but it will eventually cost you more to repair or replace. A great website is meant to be an investment in your business, and that investment needs to be cared for to maintain any usefulness or value.

A neglected website will always break down, and just like a car, the more disrepair it falls into, the more expensive the costs to repair. Fully Managed Websites take this out of the equation with budget-friendly monthly payments and the knowledge that your site is always being maintained, monitored, and cared for. We even throw in time each month to handle any updates you may need.

Fully Managed Websites Last Longer

A Fully Managed Website will last significantly longer than one that is built and forgotten about. This is due to the nature of the regular service provided to keep it running in top-shape. Issues that may arise are caught and remedied quickly, making it easier to avoid cascading failures that can cripple some websites. Regular updates ensure the best chance at staying ahead of potential security issues, which nullify most hacking attempts.

We take multiple types of backups to prevent data loss if a breach should occur, and get you back up and running quickly so you can stay on top of your business.

As with anything, getting the longest possible life out of your website requires care and maintenance. We highly recommend that you consider a Fully Managed Website, or a WorxCare™ Plan to keep your site up to date and secure.