Photography for Contractors


Photography for Contractors

One of the best things you can do to further your credibility with potential customers is to have photos and video of projects you have completed, but taking the photos properly is important.

Yes, You can Probably Use Your Phone:

Most modern mobile phones have the ability to take exceptional photos, and used properly, a mobile phone can be one of the greatest tools in your tool chest. Many contractors around the United States use their phones to take photos of project they are working on, for before/after photos, but many of them take those photos incorrectly. Correcting this is as simple as turning your phone on its side. While taking a photo with your phone in one hand, in portrait orientation is easier to do, when taking photos you will later use on your website, we strongly recommend that you turn your phone on it’s side, hold it with both hands, and ensure that it is level. This will greatly increase the chances that your photo will be useable for such an important need.

How to Handle Video:

Video is a slightly different process. We highly recommend that you place your phone on a tripod, or buy a dedicated camera to shoot video. Keeping that camera on a tripod will help steady your camera and reduce the chances of creating shaking video. Your projects shown properly to increase the chances that new customers will respect your work and be comfortable hiring you. When designing a new custom video for many of our contractor clients, we have thrown out so much shaky video over the years it’s almost sad. The potential was there, and we do not want you to waste your time. A little planning goes a long way.

Let us Help:

If you are planning to order one of our videos, or are planning to do one yourself, call us and get some free tips about your video shoot. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and equipment, then give you some advice about how to capture the content you wish to include.


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