Contractor Website Design

ContractorWorx provides multiple website design options for contractors of all types. From completely custom designs built from the ground up, to pre-written sites to help you get your new website up and running quickly. Add-ons are available to perfect your new website, and we'll even train you and your staff how to make changes yourself so that you don't need to pay us to do it. 

See all of our options below, and let us know if we can answer any questions for you. 


Custom Websites for Contractors:

If your intent is to optimize for search rankings, our custom website options are the very best to increase rankings out of the gate and ensure that your content is original. 

We will build your website from the ground-up, with content written around your location and the services your company provides. You will have complete control over the images used, or we can use our vast library of stock photography to fill in the gaps. 

X-Series Websites and Beyond

ContractorWorx X-Series websites are pre-written with tons of content and pages that will cover every option you offer your customers. Our X-Series are quick to launch and require much less input from you, and are less expensive to get started than a fully custom website.

As with all of our website options, the X-Series gives you complete control of the administrative area so that you can easily make changes with our all-new Worx Builder. 

The Recipe to A Great Contractor Website:

Over the last two decades, the expectations of contractors and their customers have changed with regard to website design and usability. The old-school website with overt sales tactics are no longer viable, and if your website currently uses gimmicky touches, it's time to get rid of them. Many of your customers may immediately turned off as they land on your site, so take care to not come across as a "used car salesman," and optimize options for allowing your customers to contact you. Avoid making a customer feel as if they are being tricked into leaving their information on your site, and make it clear and easy how to get in touch with you immediately. Making your customers feel at ease in on your website will be a direct reflection of how they expect to feel when they encounter your in person.

Contact Forms Should Be Clear and Easy to Fill Out:

We know there is a temptation to gather as much information as possible within the contact form, but studies have shown that more questions on your contact form means that far fewer people will fill it out. We offer two types of contact form, one quick contact form and another that customers can fill out on the main contact page. this gives them the option to choose, and choice is always a better option. 

Clearly Show Off Your Awards, Memberships and Certifications:

Customers want to know that you are dedicated to being a part of their community. Showing local association memberships can help gain the trust of your customers. Awards and certifications that you have received from manufacturers and other organizations will increase their trust, and should be prominently placed on the first page of your site in a way that customers can see them quickly.

Avoid Selling On Your Website:

We are of the opinion that your website's job is to sell customers on your company, not selling them on the actual project and price. This is done by reducing the friction for them contacting you, and showing them what you have to offer. Add photos of past projects in their town, especially those they may recognize, to increase their trust. The time to sell them on the job and price is when you are in front of them, or over the phone.

Live Chat Works Wonders:

The benefits of having a chat option on your website are undeniable. We work with a partner to provide a live-chat option so that your customers can get questions answered quickly, and apps for computers, tablets and smartphones that will allow you to respond no matter your location. 

Add Video! And then Add More!

Videos are an excellent way to introduce your customers to your company. Video will give them a more intimate view of who they will be working with, the quality of your work and the overall feeling they will have when dealing with you. Add your videos to YouTube and then have them streamed directly to your website. Additionally, video can greatly increase your search rankings, so we highly recommend that you continue to add videos as often as possible, and they do not need to be polished and professionally made. Just be yourself and upload content that reinforce your brand.

Need A Website Fast? Try our XPress Service!

We understand that sometimes you are in a hurry to get a new website up and running very quickly, and our XPress Service coupled with an X-Series website may be a perfect fit. During certain parts of the year we get very busy, so we highly recommend that you speak with us in advance so that we can meet your needs in a timely manner. Simply call us today and we'll walk you through the process. 


Not Sure What You Need?

Every business is different and we want to be sure you are buying something that makes sense for your company. Submit your information and we'll email an honest opinion about the products and services that you might benefit from. 

No obligation or annoying sales calls!