Make Changes To Your Service

Once your contract is completed, you have a choice to make. Use the information below to make a selection.

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Once your contract term is completed, choose one of the options below.
And as always, reach out if you have questions.

Renew, Refresh & Relax

Renew & Get A Website Redesign Every Two Years

By renewing your contract, you will continue to get the same great service as before, and we'll refresh your website design to make it more compatible with the latest tech and design trends.

Your monthly rate will remain the same, and when you are ready to refresh the template, let us know and we'll discuss what you have in mind. There are no setup fees with a site refresh, and one refresh is included per website contract renewal, each 24-month period.


We'll Refresh Your Website Template:

To keep a website fresh and well-designed, we recommend that you change your template every 2-3 years. Renew your contract and we'll refresh or redesign your template, but we'll use the same content to preserve your rankings and content longevity.


Same Service, No Price Increase:

Once you have locked in your contract pricing, we will not increase it unless you add new service items to your subscription. Renew at the same pricing until you switch services, such as upgrading to a larger package.

Why Renew?

  • Over 90% Of Our Clients Continue to Renew Their Contracts

    We have a high rate of renewal because we do everything we can to keep your website in top-shape. Over 90% of our clients renew their contracts, and many have been with us for over a decade. 

  • No Price Increase

    Your monthly payment remains the same as your last contract unless you choose to upgrade to a larger package. 

  • Template Refresh Included

    Choose to make a few changes to your template, or we will build a new one for you at no additional cost. This maintains the content you currently have on your site and helps maintain SEO and longevity of your content. 

  • Continue with Fully Managed Site

    We won't miss a beat, and will continue to manage your website just as before. You'll still enjoy time each month for change requests as needed. 

  • Plugin and Component Licenses Still Included

    We will continue to cover your website hosting, plugin and component licenses, backups, and everything else you enjoyed during your last contract period. 

Website Care Plan & Hosting Only

Enjoy the same great hosting and weekly maintenance for your website as before, but save some money along the way. You'll also get our help when you need it to make changes, with time included each month for your requests.

The transition to a Care Plan is very easy, and we'll take care of everything. Your billing will update automatically, and with prices starting at only $147/month, you'll save some cash along the way.

Once your contract is completed, the transition to a Care Plan is seamless, but let us know if you have any questions.


  • Same Great Hosting and Maintenance

    Our Website Care Plans include the same great hosting and weekly maintenance, and we'll even throw in some time each month to make small changes for you. 

  • Plugin & Component Licenses Included

    Just like your original contract, plugin licenses and components built in to your original website build will be covered by our developer licenses. This saves you $800-$1200 per year. 

  • Time Each Month for Change Requests

    Just like during your contract, you will have time each month to submit changes and we'll make them for you. 

  • Lower Monthly Cost

    Care Plans have a lower monthly cost, with the vast majority of our clients only needing the lowest package which is only $147/month. 

  • Pay Annually And Get Two Months Free

    Save even more by paying annually for your Care Plan. 

Self-Maintain - Move Hosting

Once your contract term is complete, you may choose to move your website to new hosting and maintain it yourself. We'll even send a maintenance guide to help you continue to keep your site in tip-top shape.

Note: To maintain the security of our servers, we no longer host websites that are not on a ContractorWorx Fully Managed or WorxCare™ Plan. Once your site is no longer under our maintenance, you will be responsible for moving your site to a new hosting service. Our coverage of your plugin and component licenses will also expire. For most site builds, this will cost you an additional $800-$1200 per year.

If your site remains on a ContractorWorx Care Plan, these license and hosting costs are covered, making our care plans a great value. Learn more about our Website Care Plans


  • We'll Include A Free Maintenance Guide

    Request our free maintenance guide that will help you with timely updates and proper maintenance of your website. 

  • Move Your Site to New Hosting

    ContractorWorx no longer hosts websites that are not on a Care Plan due to the risk of security issues with unmaintained websites on our servers. Please select a quality hosting service with business-class hosting before moving your site. 

  • We'll Zip Up Your Site and Provide Files

    We use a popular backup/migration plugin to ensure that your site move goes smoothly to your new hosting. We will send details once you have requested your files. 

  • We'll Save Your Backup Files for 30 Days

    In case you have issues with your site migration, we will hang on to your site's files for up to 30 days following cancellation of your account. 

  • Don't Forget Your Plugin Licenses

    Once your website is no longer maintained on one of our Care Plans, you will be responsible for any plugin / component licenses. These currently cost $800 to $1200 per year.