Contractor Resources

Here you will find a number of resources we believe contractors should utilize to save money, educate themselves, or further their businesses.

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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things.


We Recommend: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is changing the game when it comes to mobile phone service. Built on the T-Mobile network, you'll know you have a signal when you need it, but prices with Mint are exceptionally good. Lower your overall monthly bills and save with Mint Mobile. Use the link below and get a $15 credit just for activating your line. 


We Recommend: OpenPhone

OpenPhone offers a great service that keeps your business phone number separate from your mobile number for an exceptional price. With Iphone and Android apps and texting and voicemail, you can regain your life by maintaining business hours. Use the link below and receive a $20 bill credit. 

EMAIL SERVICES for Contractors

We Recommend: Google Workspace

Use Google Workspace for your team's email, calendars, spreadsheets, documents, storage and more. Use the link below to receive 10% off during your first year. 

BANKING SERVICES for Contractors

We Recommend: NOVO Bank

Novo Bank has mastered the art of business banking, specifically benefiting contractors who employ the Profit First Method of Accounting. Use the link below and receive a $40 bonus when you open and fund your account. 

A MUST READ for Contractors

Profit First for Contractors

Old accounting systems are just that. Old. It's time to step your business up to Profit First accounting and watch your business soar. We highly recommend that every contractor read this book and implement Profit First accounting. 

We only recommend resources we believe in at the time of posting. Some links above might be affiliate links that pay us a small fee for referrals, and we do not guarantee your experience with third-party companies.