X-56 Websites
for Contractors


X-56 Website Details


  • $900 Deposit
  • $899 Due Upon Completion
  • 56 Page Website
  • Ready in 7-10 Business Days
  • The Extra Pages You Need!
  • $39.99/Month Hosting

Xtra Pages and Big Savings!

The X-56 Website option is a great way to economically add another 20 pages to an X-36 site, but save big on the per-page price. You'll get 20 more pages to choose from, for only $20 per additional page!

Let your customers know you mean business with the X-56 from ContractorWorx!

$900 Deposit - $899 Balance Due Upon Completion.
Business-Class Hosting: $39.99/mo.


Contractor Website Templates:


Latest Version
Available Now


Latest Version
Available Now


Latest Version
Available Now


Latest Version
Available Now


Latest Version
Available Now


New Version
Coming Soon!


These templates are available with any of our X-Series Websites. The samples shown include every page we have to offer, and we will adjust the number of pages to the specific series you purchase.

We add your logo and contact information, customize the colors and services to match your company.

If you have questions or would like to make changes to the template, call us in advance of ordering for a quote on customization.

Learn About Template Options:


Easily Make Changes to Your Own Website

We have spent the last two years developing our templates so that our contractor clients can easily make changes to their own website. You will simply click on the text or image that you wish to change and add the new content right on the page, and you'll see the changes in real-time!

No coding and no tech skills needed.

Contractor Edits Own Website
Live Chat with Your Customers from Anywhere!
Included FREE with our XSSD-1 Hosting (or higher!)

Your customers have questions and you should be able to answer them no matter where you are. Chatting with them live from your computer, smartphone or tablet means that you will schedule more appointments and sell more jobs. Basic version included with XSSD-1 Hosting and above!

How It Worx!

We make the process simple so that you can get back to servicing your customers.
Follow the steps below and we'll get to work.

1. Pay Deposit

Place a deposit on the new website you have chosen, then check your email for an online questionnaire and a list of items we will need.

2. Check Your Email

Once your deposit is received, we will email a step by step guide. Fill out your questionnaire as thoroughly as possible!

3. We'll Get Started!

Once we have all of your information, we'll get started. We may have a few questions, so keep an eye on your email and get back to us quickly.

It's That Easy!
Let's Get Started!