Worx Builder
for Contractors

Every website offered by ContractorWorx comes with our powerful Worx Builder software built right in. Worx Builder allows you to easily edit every item on every page so that you can take control of the content of your new website, even with no experience! And we'll always be here should you encounter something you can't seem to figure out!


Worx Builder Makes It Easy
to Make Changes To Your Own Website!

The following items can be achieved easily with Worx Builder, and are included with every build from ContractorWorx. You will be amazed by how easily you can make changes and add new content to your website, and we can't wait to show it to you. Watch the video above to learn more!

Live, Front-end Editing!

Once you are logged in to your website, you simply navigate to a page, click on the item you wish to change, and type it out in real-time. Once your change is made, simply click to save and you're done! Yes, it's that easy!

Blog Posts Are a Breeze

Never again struggle with adding new blogs about your company. Worx Builder makes it easy!

Save and Reuse Modules and Rows:

Once you have perfected a row or module, you simply save it and you can use it on anywhere on your site!

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Worx Builder automatically optimizes the new content you add to be mobile friendly. So easy!

Add Photos with just a few Clicks!

It has never been so easy to add photos to your website, practically anywhere your heart desires! A few clicks and your new photo(s) will be added, and you can easily adjust the size of the photo to fit the location.

Need A New Button? No Problem!

Sometimes you just need a button that links to another part of your website. It has never been easier!

Easily Add Shortcodes & Widgets

For those all-important integrations, widgets are easily added, adjusted and moved.

Import / Export Rows and Modules:

We release new modules and rows occasionally, and make these available to our clients to use for free!

Free Training Videos Included!

What Else Can You Do with Worx Builder?

With Worx Builder, you can do just about anything with your new website, but here is a partial list so you'll get the idea:

Add Photos

Add Videos

Work With HTML Code

Add Icons

Rich Text Editor

Social Media Buttons

Calls to Action


Content Sliders

Photo Galleries



And So Much More!

Don't hesitate to call us with questions, we'll be happy to help!


Easily Make Changes to Your Own Website

We have spent the last two years developing our templates so that our contractor clients can easily make changes to their own website. You will simply click on the text or image that you wish to change and add the new content right on the page, and you'll see the changes in real-time!

No coding and no tech skills needed.

Contractor Edits Own Website