WorxBoard - Status Board for Contractors

WorxBoard from ContractorWorx

A Status Board to Display Vital Company Information in Your Office.

WorxBoard is an intuitive status board, built right into your new ContractorWorx website, that allows you to display vital company information right on the wall of your office. Show upcoming estimates, current projects, customers, goals, social media and more, all visible in one glance. You can easily manipulate the data so that you constantly have the most accurate information about every project and it's status. 

WorxBoard is included with X-36, X-56 and X-150 websites at no additional charge. To make changes, you simply log into the back of your website and make edits directly within the content, and in real-time.

Equipment You'll Need:

WorxBoard supports one or two monitors (not included) and we recommend you display the WorxBoard in your office using a Chromebox (around $150.) This is a small, separate computer that will be dedicated to this purpose alone. It is extremely easy to set up and we'll walk you through every step.

Show in Multiple Locations:

Since the WorxBoard is built into your website, you can display it anywhere you have an internet connection and the equipment to do so. Need to check on the status of a project? Simply pull it up on your smartphone or laptop!

For Your Eyes Only:

Your Status Board is Locked down with a unique password, so you can choose who is able to see it. We recommend that you change the password regularly.