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This page and the advice contained here is constantly changed and updated so that you have the most accurate information possible to keep your marketing efforts on track. Be sure to check back again often, and sign up for notifications so that we can send you updates.


1. Take a Close Look at Your Current Website

One of the most important parts of contractor marketing is being absolutely certain that your website is representing your company properly. As your customers are growing more and more internet savvy, the differences between an older website and a newer, better one becomes more and more clear.

Ask your friends and family for an honest, candid assessment of your current site. Knowing what others think about the design and functionality will go a long way.

Once you know your website is doing the job you are expecting of it, you can move on to step two.


2. Begin Your SEO Efforts

Gaining placement in search rankings will produce ongoing free contractor leads that your business will need to grow.

We highly recommend adding multiple blog posts to your website weekly, then linking to them from your social media channels. Making constant changes and additions to the content on your site will make all the difference with SEO. A stagnant website will only lose ranking against your competitors who are working on their sites.

Investing a small amount of time in your site each week can return a great deal of new business if done properly. Keep an eye on our videos and updates here as the information becomes more complex and in-depth.


3. Begin Pay Per Click Ads

We currently recommend that you investigate and test pay per click campaigns locally on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Choose the keywords that apply to the services you provide and test against lower costing keywords that may be beneficial to your company.

Using pay per click advertising alongside your SEO building will bring in vital business while your site climbs in the rankings.

To learn more about how to advertise on PPC platforms, stay tuned for in-depth guides for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Ads.


4. Track Absolutely Everything

Once you have begun the steps above, your number one job becomes tracking. You must be able to make decisions about your marketing efforts with real data. This means knowing what is working, and when to stop putting efforts into the things that aren't. Remember, there is a reason you are no longer advertising in the phone book.

Knowing where every phone call, email and lead originated from can mean the difference in paying yourself a nice salary and losing money year after year.

You should be asking every single customer how they heard about your company, and then asking each customer for a review after their project is completed. They will tell you more about their experience than you would ever know by guessing or assuming.


5. Social Media Updates

If you have not set up social media accounts for your company, it's time to do so. At a minimum you should have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts set up in your company name. Do not make the mistake of using your personal accounts as your main company representation.

Link each of the accounts together so that when you post to one, it automatically applies that post to the other accounts you have. Instagram allows you to add photos to your feed, then simply click to add it to your other social media accounts automatically. This is an easy way to show off your work, or the progress of each project.


Obligatory Disclaimer: The advice offered above in no way guarantees the success of any marketing techniques. ContractorWorx nor any employee will be held responsible for the individual outcome you may experience. The advice above is provided as a free guide in an attempt to help you, and individual results will vary.

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