Logo Design
for Contractors

Getting the right logo from the start will make your long-term branding easier and will have more impact on your business.

Below you will find tips on getting the best logo designed for your contracting company that will last well into the future.


Let's Talk About Your Contractor Logo:

The Basics of Logo Design:

Your logo is the front-line identity of your company. For this reason, your new logo needs to be instantly identifiable and easily read. Consideration should be made for variable colors of your logo, the ease of use on web, print, and any future items you may have printed.

Simplicity is Key:

Keeping your logo as simple as possible, while conveying quick meaning will mean that your logo can stand the test of time. Many companies you grew up with have simplified their logos as their brands have been built. A simple logo is easier to print and design around, and if you are ever going to have embroidered items made, you will thank us later for this tip.

Logo Orientation:

Different applications will require different versions of your logo. For social media, square versions of your logo are best, while for website design, a vertical version will help maximize space at the top of the page. Always discuss multiple designs and colors with your logo designer to ensure that you have one for every need.